Jingle the Night Away!



Living in an international city means that you have a cosmopolitan mix of multiple nationalities, cultures, and obviously religions.  It’s always exciting and interesting to learn about other cultures and societies. Since we are currently in the festive season, a Christmas festival was held at Dubai Media City for the first time this year. Who doesn’t like to see beautifully-lit and decorated Christmas trees, wonderful gift ideas and gift sets, and happy children going around hugging Santa and taking pictures with him?

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, sharing the season’s joy with others and embracing the holiday spirit can be a fun and rewarding experience.

I had mostly been to the area of Media City where the festival was at during day time. So seeing the wonderful brightly-lit skyline at night from a close distance was a scene that I had to take a picture of.  My friend and I had a stroll around the different kiosks before sitting down for a meal at the wooden benches and table at the grass. Being able to sit outdoors and enjoy the cool breeze is a luxury to be taken advantage of, specifically in Dubai where the summer season could last for up to six months in a year.

Luckily when we arrived, an English band was playing traditional Christmas melodies, as well as funky classic and new hits. Bright red and green spot lights brought life to the stage, and a selection of festive images were displayed at the back of the band.

Parents danced along with their little kids as we all sang along with the band and enjoyed the lively ambiance.

Other artists continued to entertain the big ethnically diverse crowd at the festive stage till it was closing time for the chilled and joyful festival…








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