Not my Cup of Tea!




Sweets and Snacks Middle East is an exhibition that was held at the Dubai World Trade Center exhibition hall between the 19th to the 21st of November.

I went along with my dad who was visiting at the time. I only had time to write a post about it now. I think this is partly because I didn’t find the exhibition or products displayed interesting enough for my taste. I wasn’t even planning to write a post about it until the time when we were about to leave and I saw the only interesting object at the hall; a Santa and other chocolate figure sculptures!  Yes I know, they’re not that interesting either. But when compared to everything else that was on display in that space, these figures truly stood out!

I guess I had higher expectations for an exhibition with the name “Sweets and Snacks”. I was hoping to sample and maybe purchase some gourmet and unusual sweets and snacks. The rare types that you wouldn’t find at your local grocery store. Authentic Japanese crackers maybe? But sadly, the majority of the companies that were present had similar items on display. Mainly commercial, unhealthy, and low-end sweets and snacks.

I don’t want to sound arrogant, but that’s just my personal opinion of the fair.

But I can’t complain much, as I did get some free samples of a nice selection of flavored tea from Hong Kong.  Who thought you would come out of something healthy from a sweets and snacks exhibition? 🙂











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