Strike a Pose at the World’s Richest Horse Race ;)




I wasn’t feeling at my best on the day of the world’s richest horse race – The Dubai World Cup. Mainly because I had started to experience all sorts of symptoms of a cold and have been taking echinacea supplements for a week or so to help prevent further developments of my sickness. But since I was running around all weekend getting ready for the concerts and the Dubai World Cup and dancing the night away at the various indoor and outdoor venues of Dubai, I barely had any time to rest and let my body regain the energy it needed to go on.

But as I have completed three years living in Dubai on this very day (April 1), and have not been to the Dubai World Cup ever since I moved to this city, I knew that I couldn’t afford to miss out on this highly acclaimed and significant event.

So there I went dragging my extremely exhausted and dehydrated body to the lush green race courses at Meydan hotel in Dubai. Where I had been for my social dinner with Jack Canfield. Only this time, I got to spend a whole day outside at the apron views section of the event doing one of the following things:

  • Trying helplessly to snap good pictures of the speeding horses that passed (flew) by at the course, while standing in a front row next to all the photographers and who knows, maybe there was a blogger or two in the crowd!
  • Watching the people in the surrounding area and studying their outfits, hats/hair pieces, shoes, hair styles, and everything else that caught my attention. While at the same time making mental notes of what I should be wearing next year at the World Cup!
  • Pretending to be high society (which I believe has nothing to do with material wealth) and not really enjoying it that much 🙂  Yes, I’m a simple girl who likes to do fun things and random activities. But a change is good every once in a while!

After the final race, the champion was announced: American-based Animal Kingdom won the race. You can read all about it here. A number of acrobats and performers made an appearance after the race was over. Then there was an extravagant display of fireworks ending the ceremony, before everyone headed over to the stage area where Seal would be performing for the after-race party. Unfortunately, my friends had to leave and I was also too tired to stay, so I wasn’t able to see Seal perform.

I will leave you with some random pictures from the event, in addition to some thoughts and tips in case you planned on attending the Dubai World Cup next year. First, I would try to get VIP tickets, or any other type of tickets. As they would offer a better view of the race course and a more enjoyable experience. Especially if you don’t like busy crowds like me. Another tip would be to invest in a unique outfit and hat for the event and enter the Jaguar Style Stakes competition where you can win amazing prizes such as a Jaguar for a year!

Check out the competition details on this link:


Jaguar Style Stakes Winners

Jaguar Style Stakes Winners












Stunning Air Show

Stunning Air Show




























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  1. wow!you’ve been socialising much this days! happy to read all your blogs for this event, never been into this of event too since i came to Dubai, now your tips really help us figure out(especially the outfit) 🙂 that is best to wear,thanks for the. so like your blogs and i keep on sharing it with friends. im sure they will find great information on your blogs!thanks!

    • Thanks for the comment Grace! Yeah, I actually did so many things that weekend although I was starting to get sick, that I ended up feeling exhausted and sick for a while after those events! I’m just starting to recover now! I even took a break from blogging and attending events because of how tired I was. I’m glad to help with the information and I hope to attend an event with you one day soon 🙂

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