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Undefined Declarations is Moving to a New Home!




Dear faithful readers and followers,

My blog will be moving to a new domain name soon. As you all know, it’s essential to have a (.com) domain name in order to be taken seriously in the business world. And although this blog has been standing strong all this time without any sponsorship of any kind – and will continue to do so with your support – this step must be taken sooner or later for the blog to be more successful and reach a greater amount of readers.

I promise that it won’t be long. The new site should be up and running within a week or so. You can also look forward to more interesting reviews and posts.

If you liked what you’ve been reading so far, then I would like to ask you to follow my Facebook Page by “liking” the page on the following link:


That way, you will stay updated with my news, and be in the know once the new site is launched.

I also have a private photo shoot scheduled for tomorrow and I will be posting the photos from that shoot on my Facebook Page. This will give you a closer look of who is the author behind this blog and a short bio about myself will be shared along with the photos.

Thank you to every single one of you for supporting this page and I look forward to seeing you soon.


The Rebellious Saudi Diva



The Carnival of Weekend Wanderings – Undefined Declarations Edition


carnival of weekend wanderings


First of all, I must apologize for the delay in writing and publishing this post. My hosting date is today, but I think I should have posted earlier in the day. But when you get used to the “working from home -or in my case – cafe blogger lifestyle”, you can’t help but organize your daily schedule to fit yourself and yourself only! And when you have a lot of things running in your mind and phone calls that you need to make, then writing this post comes right after lunch πŸ™‚

So in between calling up the exam center to inquire about my IELTS test this weekend, preparing for a private professional photo shoot scheduled for next week, booking my salon hair appointment for the shoot, and making sure that I regularly update my Facebook Page, I present to you my personal edition of the Carnival of Weekend Wanderings.

I was first introduced to the carnival by the gracious blogger Grace from Sandier Pastures, who is currently on holiday (more of a so-called holiday as you will learn from her most recent post). This carnival simply gives you insight into what other bloggers have been up to in their weekends, and shares their fun weekend stories.

The Animated Nomad tells us his story of how he met the musical artist Noush Like SplooshΒ at The Lime Tree Cafe in Dubai. Impressive I must say! You can read all about it here.

Sheila from Shoutingwind.Com shares with us her story of visiting Atlantis’s popular Aquaventure water park in a unique trip before the park had actually opened its doors for the public!

Newly launched site Dubai Hipster brings you a review of a cool sushi eatery in Dubai. This blog is your essential guide to getting absolutely anything done in Dubai.

If anyone of you is planning a trip to the West Coast of the U.S., then check out Sojustnice‘s review of a recent trip to Venice and Santa Monica. The photos posted in that page made me want to go there now!

For vintage fashion lovers, The Heritage Studio; a blog about all things vintage brought to life in a contemporary light, tells us their unique story behind a rare Italian vintage high-end statement bag!

Moving on to another story in another continent, fashion and lifestyle blogger What I Just Love shares with us her exciting business trip to Tanzania and Kenya! Giraffes,baby elephants? she’s got it all covered πŸ™‚

Wondering about what Baku – Azerbaijan’s capital city is like? The Travel Manor has just made a recent trip to the city and has documented the most interesting bits of his trip here.

If you are planning a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai city life but don’t wish to go too far, The REAL Geordie Armani has the solution! read all about her weekend stay-cation at the wonderful Palm Tree Court Resort and Spa.

Another Dubai hotel review courtesy of Her Perfect Black Dress brings you all that you need to know if you’re planning a stay at Dubai modern four-star property Media One Hotel. Check out her honest review here.

Confused about what souvenirs to get for your family and friends from the UAE? The Global Gazette gives you some great tips on what to get when souvenir shopping in the capital.

Summer is the season of weddings, and what better way than to read a poetic post about a June wedding party? it’s brought to you by Art and Ginger Chai Conversations.

Last but not least, Well Traveled Pet; a blog about dog-friendly places, restaurants and travel products shares with us a camping trip post all the way from St. Petersburg, Florida.


I hope that our friends’ weekend stories got you inspired to plan your next weekend! Until the next carnival, have a wonderful weekend and happy blogging!


The Rebellious Saudi Diva ~ Undefined Declarations


carnival of weekend wanderings

Dubai Beach Club Review: Fairmont The Palm




I wanted to squeeze in a beach club review before the month of Ramadan begins. Since I’ll be fasting and there is absolutely no way anyone can visit a Dubai beach in the summer without having anything to drink or eat! I also wanted to check out Fairmont The Palm‘s beach and pool club while they have their summer promotion rates going on.

Summer Promotion Rates

Validity of the promotion: Until the end of August

Adult day pass fee: 195 AED (without the food and beverage voucher) and 265 AED (inclusive of a 100 AED F&B voucher)

Kids (ages 5 to 13): 99 AED (without the F&B voucher) and 130 AED (inclusive of a 50 AED F&B voucher)


Pool and Beach Facts

  • The hotel has four pools; two adult-only pools and two family pools.
  • A resident DJ plays by the pool bar on Friday evenings from 5 to 10 pm.

I was informed by the hotel’s Operations Director – Frederic Bellone that the beach was partially closed due to construction work “to expand the private beach area and to make the bottom of the ocean more gradient.”

Mr. Bellone also mentioned that the expansion work should be completed within a few days. So you can still head down to the beach club and enjoy their summer promotion. I would suggest that you ask about the construction work when calling to book your day pass. As booking in advance is required for the Fairmont’s beach club.






Is free Wi-Fi Available at the Beach?

Unlike Madinat Jumeirah properties, Wi-Fi is only available for in-house guests and club members. Outside guests need to pay 100 AED for a day’s use of the hotel’s Wi-Fi.


  • Relaxed and laid-back ambiance with chill-out Arabian fusion tracks playing in the pool area.
  • The adult-only pool is a good spot for contemplation and meditation. With a couple of fountains pouring water into the pool, the sound creates a calming effect that can be used for meditation. The pool is also surrounded by palm trees, so looking up to the sky does feel like you’re on vacation. Especially when combined with a beautiful bird flying by the water and the fountain’s peaceful water sounds.
  • A complimentary bottle of still water is provided for all pool and beach guests.
  • Complimentary locker access. Inside the locker is a coat hanger, a bath towel, a small towel, and a plastic bag for storing your wet swim suit.
  • The beach and pool day pass also includes access to the spa’s modern and state of the art gym, steam room and sauna.
  • The facilities are super-clean and well-maintained to high standards.








  • I wasn’t informed about the partial closing of the beach when I called to book the day pass and ask about the beach/pool access. I only found out about it when I got to the hotel. This meant that I had to lounge by the pool for a few hours until the construction work was over at the beach and I could go into the water. But that wasn’t a problem, as I could always use some meditation at the pool’s relaxing fountains πŸ™‚
  • The staff at the beach area seemed to be in a rush to close down the sun umbrellas and fold back the lounger cushions when it wasn’t time for sunset yet. Maybe it’s a routine practice and part of their job description, but it gave me the feeling that they were rushing to end their work day chores as soon as they could! The beach area wasn’t busy anyway, and so it didn’t seem like they would have a lot of wrapping up to do at the end of the day.
  • The food quality at the pool bar could use some enhancement. More so since the Fairmont on Sheikh Zayed Road is associated with great brunch and food options. I will be talking more about the food in a while.
  • The front section of the ocean’s ground has rocks and is not smooth for walking. I believe that the management should consider making the ground surface smooth for walking. Especially for kids.



What to Eat and Drink?

To quench my thirst, I ordered an orange ginger tea cooler. Which was basically orange juice with a hint of ginger. It was a refreshing drink for a hot summer day.


Orange Ginger Tea Cooler

Orange Ginger Tea Cooler


For lunch, I had a chicken breast burger on wheat bread. I was delighted to see a healthy option for a sandwich on the menu. But I was disappointed as the chicken was a bit tough and didn’t look like it was cooked up to good quality levels. The taste of the food was average, and could use some improvement.







A few hours after lunch, it was time for my coffee break. And for that, I ordered a banana soy latte at the beach. It’s a blend of bananas, soy milk and a shot of espresso. The first time my drink was prepared, it had a lot of ice blended in it. And so the taste of the latte was somewhat non-existent from the excess of ice that was used. But when I asked for less ice to be used in preparing my latte, it tasted much better and was such a revitalizing and cooling summer drink.




Will I go back?

I would love to go back to the Fairmont’s beach club for three reasons:

  1. To take advantage of the summer promotion rate while it lasts.
  2. To check out the pool atmosphere on a Friday evening when the resident DJ is playing. I went on a Saturday and so I missed it. (Please take note that this will continue after Ramadan only).
  3. To see if I can meet a potential husband at the pool or beach (note: most guys at this beach club are very fit with buffed-up masculine bodies and wash board abs) πŸ˜€




I will leave you with some random images from my day at the Fairmont The Palm’s beach club. You can also check my Facebook page for more images and other cool posts.